Renard Centre of Marine Geology
Department of Geology, Universiteit Gent

  Theses : 2017

Albers, S., 2017. Korrelgrootte-analyse op afzettingen van de 2004 Indische Oceaan Tsunami in 3 kleine kustmeren in Khao Lak, Thailand. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 22 pp.

Billemon, P., 2017. Geo-archeologisch onderzoek naar het verdronken Domburg. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 23 pp.

Buydens, M., 2017. Pleistocene cold-water coral deposits from Sicily (southern Italy): Paleoenvironmental reconstruction through facies analysis. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 43 pp.

De Bruycker, W., 2017. Inferring bottom current dynamics from high-resolution multibeam data and seafloor imagery in the equatorial Pacific ocean. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 81 pp.

Delivet, S., 2017. Sedimentary expression of internal waves on Quaternary contouritic processes along the Irish and Moroccan Atlantic margins. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 243 pp.

De Potter, T., 2017. Bewaren van ons geologisch patrimonium aan de hand van lakprofielen van befaamde ontsluitingen in het Cenozoïcum in Vlaanderen. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 18 pp.

Dhaenens, D., 2017. Detailed seismic mapping of shallow gas in the nearshore area of the Belgian Continental Shelf. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 64 pp.

García Moreno, D., 2017. Origin and geomorphology of Dover Strait and southern North Sea palaeovalleys and palaeo-depressions. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 319 pp.

Lowie, N., 2017. Evaluation of the detection and quantification of sediment plumes caused by dredging activities using a multibeam echosounder. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 54 pp.

Marte, R., 2017. Geo-archaeological mapping of nearshore and intertidal areas at the Belgian coast (Ostend-Raversijde) using ultra-high resolution three-dimensional parametric echosounding. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 65 pp.

Potums, L., 2017. InSAR insights: Land surface deformation around coastal lakes along the Nankai Trough subduction zone, Japan. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 42 pp.

Rondelez, J., 2017. Assessing the morphology and evolution of sediment waves adjacent to the Cap de Creus Canyon, NW Mediterranean. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 72 pp.

Troch, M., 2017. Spatial variability in proglacial fjord sediment composition along the Southern Patagonian Icefield (47-51°S). M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 71 pp.

Van Tornhout, E., 2017. Sedimentological expression of bottom currents along the upper slope of the northern Moroccan Atlantic margin over the past 1,6 My. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 50 pp.

Vandorpe, T., 2017. Contourite drifts and cold-water coral mounds in the Atlantic Moroccan coral province: origin, evolution and driving factors. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 172 pp.

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