Renard Centre of Marine Geology
Department of Geology, Universiteit Gent

  Theses : 2016

De Bisschop, J., 2016. Influence of water column properties on multibeam backscatter. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 62 pp.

De Cleene, R., 2016. Sedimentary processes on the Explorer and Dangeard Canyon interfluves. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 60 pp.

Debergh, R., 2016. Ice-rafted debris and calving activity in Almirantazgo fjord (Chilean Patagonia, 54°S). B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 18 pp.

Deprez, M., 2016. Multiscale microCT imaging on sediment cores: Unravelling the paleoflow directions in a megaturbidite (Lake Lucerne, Switzerland). M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 89 pp.

Eloy, J., 2016. Variations in sedimentological properties in Lake Challa, East Africa: Understanding the source to sink processes. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 61 pp.

Fiers, G., 2016. Postglacial evolution of biogenic silica productivity in Lago Castor, northern Chilean Patagonia. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 49 pp.

Guilbert, D., 2016. De link tussen bodemstromingen en koudwaterkoralen in de zuidelijk Golf van Cadiz. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 18 pp.

Kempf, P., 2016. Tsunamis in south central Chile – Evidence from the sedimentary infill of coastal lakes. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 172 pp.

Kiekens, N., 2016. Distinguishing between source areas of lacustrine turbidites triggered by the 1960 and 2010 great Chilean earthquakes. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 90 pp.

Papadimitriou, I., 2016. Post-glacial tephrostratigraphy of the southern Chilean Lake District. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 97 pp (+appendices).

Piret, L., 2016. Triggering mechanism and depositional processes of a late Holocene megaturbidite in Baker fjord, Chilean Patagonia. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 59 pp.

Tanghe, N., 2016. The palaeo-environmental history of equatorial East Africa: Implications from mineralogy and particle-size distributions. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 48 pp.

Thys, S., 2016. IRD in recente meersedimenten in Zuid-Alaska: uitkarteren met behulp van X-stralen tomografie. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 22 pp.

Van Dyck, T., 2016. A detailed study of the depositional process of the 1964 AD megaturbidite in Kenai Lake using X-ray CT. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 99 pp.

Van Havere, M., 2016. Micropalaeontological and sedimentological analyses of Equatorial Pacific deep-sea sediments. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 90 pp.

Van Maldeghem, F., 2016. Reconstructing the late Holocene earthquake activity of western Nepal from lake sediment records. B.Sc. apprenticeship report, UGent. 21 pp.

Van Schandevyl, E., 2016. A dinoflagellate cyst study in core MD01-2449 as a paleoenvironmental proxy for the late Quaternary in the Seabight, SW of Ireland. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 92 pp.

Veloso-Alarcón M.E., 2016. Determining the flux /flow rate of free gas in the water column using hydroacoustic systems. Ph.D. thesis, UGent. 211 pp.

Wils, K., 2016. Reconstruction of the seismic history of Aysén fjord (South Chile) by means of seismic stratigraphy and sediment-core analysis. M.Sc. thesis, UGent. 78 pp.

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