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  Publications in Journals or Books with international peer review : 2016

Addamo, A.M., Vertino, A., Stolarski, J., Jimenéz, R.G., Taviani, M. & Machordom, A., 2016. Merging scleractinian genera: the overwhelming genetic similarity between solitary Desmophyllum and colonial Lophelia. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 16(1), 108.

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Chen, H., Xie, X., Zhang, W., Shu, Y., Wang, D., Vandorpe, T. & Van Rooij, D., 2016. Deep-water sedimentary systems and their relationship with bottom currents at the intersection of Xi'sha Trough and Northwest Sub-Basin, South China Sea. Marine Geology, 378, 101-113.

De Clercq, M., Chademenos, V., Van Lancker, V. & Missiaen, T. 2016. A high-resolution DEM for the Top-Paleogene Surface of the Belgian Continental Shelf. Journal of Maps, 12(5), 1047-1054.

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Garcia, M., Lobo, F.J., Maldonado, A., Hernández-Molina, F.J., Bohoyo, F. & Pérez, L.F., 2016. High-resolution seismic stratigraphy and morphology of the Scan Basin contourite fan, southern Scotia Sea, Antarctica. Marine Geology, 378, 361-373.

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Lastras, G., Amblas, D. & DETSUFA Shipboard Party, 2016. Fjord-flank collapse and associated deformation in Aysén Fjord, Chile. In: Dowdeswell, J. A., Canals, M., Jakobsson, M., Todd, B. J., Dowdeswell, E. K., & Hogan, K. A. (Eds.) Atlas of Submarine Glacial Landforms: Modern, Quaternary and Ancient. Geological Society, London, Memoirs, 46, 107-108.

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Ribó, M., Puig, P., Urgeles, R., Van Rooij, D. & Muńoz A., 2016.   Spatio-temporal evolution of sediment waves developed on the Gulf of Valencia margin (NW Mediterranean) during the Plio-Quaternary. Marine Geology, 378, 276-291.

Rüggeberg, A., Flögel, S., Dullo, W.-Chr., Raddatz, J. & Liebetrau, V., 2016.  Paleo-seawater density reconstruction and its implication for cold-water coral carbonate mounds in the northeast Atlantic through time.  Paleoceanography,  31(3), 365-379.

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Vandekerkhove, E., Bertrand, S., Reid, B., Bartels, A. & Charlier, B., 2016. Sources of dissolved silica to the fjords of northern Patagonia (44–48°S): The importance of volcanic ash soil distribution and weathering. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 41(4), 499-512.

Vandorpe, T., Martins, I., Vitorino, J., Hebbeln, D., Garcia, M. & Van Rooij, D., 2016. Bottom currents and their influence on the sedimentation pattern in the El Arraiche mud volcano province, southern Gulf of Cadiz. Marine Geology, 378, 114-126.

Vanneste, H., De Vleeschouwer, F., Bertrand, S., Martinez-Cortizas, A., Vanderstraeten, A., Mattielli, N., Coronato, A., Piotrowska, N., Jeandel, C., Le Roux, G., 2016. Elevated dust deposition in Tierra del Fuego (Chile) resulting from Neoglacial Darwin Cordillera glacier fluctuations. Journal of Quaternary Science, 31(7), 713-722.

Van Rooij, D., Campbell, D.C., Rueggeberg, A. & Wahlin, A., 2016. The contourite log-book:  significance for palaeoceanography, ecosystems and slope instability. Marine Geology, 378, 1-4.

Verhegge, J., Missiaen, T., & Crombé Ph., 2016. Exploring Integrated Geophysics and Geotechnics as a Paleolandscape Reconstruction Tool: Archaeological Prospection of (Prehistoric) Sites Buried Deeply below the Scheldt Polders (NW Belgium). Archaeological Prospection, 23, 125-145.

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