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Upcoming (February 2018): Alaska earthquake & varve project

Your chance to participate in one of the largest crowdsourcing experiments in varve-counting history...
More info: contact us!

19 January 2018: New research paper published!

Garrett et al. (2018), Historical Nankai-Suruga megathrust earthquakes recorded by tsunami and terrestrial mass movement deposits on the Shirasuka coastal lowlands, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.
The Holocene

13 December 2017: New research paper published!

Wils et al. (2017), Holocene Event Record of Aysén Fjord (Chilean Patagonia): an Interplay of Volcanic Eruptions, Crustal and Megathrust Earthquakes.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth

22 November 2017: New research paper published!

Boes et al. (2017), Varve formation during the past three centuries in three large proglacial lakes in south-central Alaska.
GSA Bulletin

17 November 2017: New research paper published!

Lamair et al. (2018), Volcanic influence of Mt. Fuji on the watershed of Lake Motosu and its impact on the lacustrine sedimentary record.
Sedimentary Geology

26 October 2017: New research paper published!

Granin et al. (2018), Lake Baikal's response to remote earthquakes: Lake-level fluctuations and near-bottom water layer temperature change.
Marine and Petroleum Geology

18 October 2017: New research paper published!

Moernaut et al. (2018), Larger earthquakes recur more periodically: New insights in the megathrust earthquake cycle from lacustrine turbidite records in south-central Chile.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters

8 October 2017: Everyone Ghent University event

Discover the world of earthquakes and test your talents as a geologist in our interactive workshop!

2-24 September 2017: Sumatra fieldcampaign

Unravelling the earthquake history of Sumatra, Indonesia...